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Daily Report: Friday 14 February 2014


In Dara’a, clashes took place between the FSA and regime forces in the vicinity of Yadouda town which resulted in the deaths of many regime soldiers. Fifty people died and dozens of injuries were incurred among civilians due to a car bomb that exploded near Al Yadouda mosque. Casualties were also incurred in the city of Inkhel following a barrel bomb attack carried out by the regime’s air force. Meanwhile, regime forces targeted Al Ghariya Al Sharqiya and Al Sahwa towns with similar bombardments causing severe injuries among civilians which resulted in mosques calling for blood donations.

In Damascus countryside, the FSA blocked a regime attempt to raid the city of Yabroud, destroying a regime military vehicle and killing six soldiers in the process. The FSA also blocked a similar attempt to raid the Al Qadam neighbourhood from Port Said side. The regime’s air force dropped three barrel bombs on the town of Khan Al Sheih. Regime forces also targeted the road leading to Telfita using 23 type from their Sherobein monastery and Mar Touma bases located in Damascus countryside. The regime’s air force also targeted the city of Daraya with two barrel bombs. Regime forces targeted the area separating Moaddamiya and Daraya from the 4th Division mountain. The regime’s air force also launched a number of air strikes targeting the towns of Al Mleha, Misraba and Hosh Arab outskirts from 65 Brigade base.


In Hama, the regime’s air force dropped barrel bombs targeting the city of Mourek located in Hama countryside which resulted in an unknown number of casualties. 

In Homs, revolutionary forces killed two regime soldiers during clashes which took place between the two fighting sides near the city of Talbisa. Meanwhile, regime forces targeted Al Dar Al Kabira city with tank shelling from their military academy base, while also targeting Al Houla city with similar shelling from their Tal Qormos checkpoint base.


In Aleppo, the FSA raided the city of Hreitan, driving ISIS forces out of it in the process, while also seizing the villages of Maryamin and Anab in Efrein area located in north Aleppo countryside backed up by revolutionary forces. The FSA took control of the towns of Kafr Hamra, Tal Museibein and Bashkoy following violent clashes that broke out between them and ISIS forces. Revolutionary forces targeted the Air Force College located inside Al Kuwayres military airport using tank shelling which resulted in the deaths of dozens of regime soldiers. Revolutionary forces also targeted Abu Al Fadl Al Abbas militia in Al Dobbat, killing 20 militia soldiers in the process. The FSA brought down a regime facility near Khan Shouna located in the old city of Aleppo, while regime forces retreated from the Officers’ housing school in Kuwayreas airport following violent clashes with the FSA forces. The two sides also engaged in clashes near Karaj Al Hajz crossing in the Bustan Al Qasr neighbourhood. The regime’s air forces dropped barrel bombs over the towns of Kuwayres, Al Sheikh Ahmad, Rasm Al Abboud, Al Jadidan and Kaskeis, while launching a similar attack on the Al Indharaat neighbourhood killing three people and wounding 16 others as a result.

In Deir Ezzor, a defected officer killed an officer and three other soldiers in the Al Rasafa neighbourhood.

In Idlib, revolutionary forces took control of Madjanat Maadal checkpoint located south of Idlib countryside following clashes with regime forces, while also seizing a regime tank near the city Kornish. Meanwhile, the FSA destroyed a regime tank [type T62] using a Metis rocket and mortar shelling at the Kafr Yassein checkpoint near Baboleini town located on the death road. Revolutionary forces targeted Al Faqeir checkpoint located on the north western side of Idlib countryside using mortars. Meanwhile, regime forces targeted the towns of Kafranbel and Hass from their Al Hamdi centre base with heavy artillery bombardment.


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