Daily Report: Tuesday 24 June 2014

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The Free Syrian Army attacks regime premises and checkpoints across Syria
Casualties among regime forces in Damascus countryside and Dara’a

Southern Region

In Damascus countryside, the Free Syrian Army used heavy artillery to bomb regime premises in the outskirts of al-Moleha amidst clashes in the area. Several regime soldiers were killed in fierce clashes between the FSA and regime troops in Essal al-Wared and al-Taibeh. Fierce clashes broke out on the Southern highway near the city of Zamalka between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces. FSA forces targeted National Defence militias near Adra al-Umalia using Doshka and 23mm machine guns; in addition, they mortared regime bases in the city of al-Kisweh.
Regime forces targeted al-Moleha with ground and aerial bombardment while regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the town of Beit Jin. Regime troops used tanks and mortar shells to bomb the city of al-Zabadani along with mortaring Yalda and shelling al-Taibeh with heavy artillery.

In Quneitra, regime air force attacked the village of Mumtane with barrel bombs.

In Dara’a, the Free Syrian Army foiled Assad forces attempts to advance in the southern front of Ataman; a number of regime soldiers were killed in the clashes. FSA forces used locally made rockets to shell Abu Annaem and Abu Arraha checkpoints in the outskirts of the town. Several regime troops were killed in clashes in the areas around the city of Bosra al-Sham. Clashes were also reported in al-Manshia neighbourhood of Dara’a al-Balad and in the outskirts of the 82 Brigade in al-Sheikh Miskeeen.
Regime air force attacked Dara’a al-Balad, Jileen village, Da’el, Enkhil, Nawa, and Sahem al-Joulan with barrel bombs. Regime troops stationed in the Tank Battalion bombed several areas to the south of the city of Nawa.

Central Region

In Homs, fierce clashes with light and medium weapons took place to the south of Um Sharshouh town. FSA forces shelled regime and Shabiha bases in Jeboren with mortar shells and locally made launchers. A number of regime soldiers were killed in clashes in the outskirts of al-Salasel hill of the northern countryside. Fierce clashes were also reported in al-Waer neighbourhood.
Regime forces used heavy weaponry to bomb Um Sharshoh, Talbeeseh, al-Rastan, al-Ghanto.

In Hama, fierce clashes broke out between and regime troops in the areas around the city, the FSA destroyed several military vehicles in the eastern front. FSA forces on the Ethraia-Khanasir road in the northern countryside targeted a regime vehicle with a heat-seeking missile; five regime soldiers were reportedly killed.
Rregime forces carried out a search and arrest campaign in the villages of Jinan and Kerimish in the southern countryside. Regime aircraft launched air strikes on the cities of Mourek and Kafer Zita. Regime forces used heavy artillery to shell the bridges linking the villages of al-Duminah and Taqsis located on the banks of the Orontes.

In Lattakia, the Free Syrian Army successfully mortared regime troops and the National Defence militia premises in Qastal Maaf village of al-Turkman Mountain, Katef al-Jalta, Katef Sahyoun, and the outskirts of Nabi Younes Summit, in addition, FSA forces used Grad missiles to bomb regime and Shabiha bases in Kersana.
Regime helicopters shelled the villages of al-Turkman and al-Turkman Mountains with barrel bombs, while regime aircraft targeted the farms of Rabia’a district with vacuum missiles and shelled the village of Mareg al-Zawia with guided missiles.

Northern Region

In Aleppo, the Free Syrian Army destroyed several regime vehicles, and a number of soldiers were killed during fierce clashes in the outskirts of Azzan Mountain. FSA revolutionaries targeted regime troops in al-Masharqa neighbourhood using a locally made launcher. A number of regime soldiers were reportedly killed after clashes with the Free Syrian Army in the areas around al-Boreij roundabout.
Regime air force used barrel bombs and rockets to bomb Heritan, Mare, Ezaz, Tal Rifat, al-Asibeyah, and the neighbourhoods of al-Haidaryiah and al-Marjeh.

In Idlib, the Free Syrian Army shelled al-Za’alana checkpoint near Wadi Addayf military camp using Juhannam launcher. They also used mortar shells and Juhannam launcher to bomb al-Taraf and al-Dahman, and al-Madajin checkpoints in Maarat al-Nouman inflicting human and material losses among regime troops.
Regime air force launched several attacks and used barrel bombs to shell Maarat al-Nouman, Hazarin village, Heish, and Kaferouma.

In Deir Ezzor, fierce clashes erupted between the Free Syrian Army and ISIS militants in the outskirts of Mohsen.

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