Daily Report: Tuesday 1 July 2014

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The Free Syrian Army foiled regime’s struggle to advance in Damascus countryside
FSA revolutionaries shelled regime premises in Hama and Lattakia

Southern Region

In Damascus countryside, the Free Syrian Army and allied revolutionary forces thwarted regime forces’ attempts to storm the town of al-Taibeh amidst fierce clashes in the area. Several regime soldiers were reportedly killed during clashes in the outskirts of al-Moleha. Fierce clashes also took place in al-Qalamoun between the FSA and regime troops reinforced by the Lebanese pro-regime Hezbollah militias. FSA forces seized anti-armor launching pad and several missiles in addition to a BMP vehicle. They destroyed several military vehicles during the clashes.
Regime air forces used barrel bombs and missiles to bombard Douma, Baseema, al-Zabadani, Khan al-Sheeh, and al-Moleha.

In Dara’a, the Free Syrian Army used heavy artillery to shell regime troops in the outskirts of Ataman town achieving direct hits. Clashes broke out between the FSA and regime forces on the Nawa-al-Sheikh Miskeen road and near the 82 Brigade in al-Sheikh Miskeen, in addition to clashes in the eastern neighbourhood of the city of Bosra al-Sham.
Regime forces shelled Dara’a al-Balad, Bosra al-Harir, al-Museifra, Sahem al-Jawlan, Tseel, Nawa, al-Jiza, and al-Sheikh Miskeen.

In al-Qunaitira, regime forces used heavy artillery to shell the villages of Mumtana, Um Batna, al-Breqa and Jibata al-Khashab.

Central Region

In Homs, fierce clashes took place in the Abu al-Salasel hill near the village of Um Sharshoh in the northern countryside; several soldiers were reportedly killed and a number of military vehicles were destroyed. Clashes were also reported in the western front of al-Houleh and the eastern front of Talbisa.
Regime forces bombarded Talbisa, al-Houla, Um Sharshoh, and al-Ghanto with heavy artillery, rockets and mortar shells.

In Hama, the Free Syrian Army bombed the military airport using Grad missiles. Regime helicopters attacked the city of Kafer Zita with barrel bombs leading to several casualties among civilians, while regime aircraft launched several attacks on the villages of Lahaya.

In Lattakia, FSA forces shelled regime troops in the city of Kassab with Grad missiles. Regime forces shelled the village of Atyira with rockets.

Northern Region

In Aleppo, several regime troops were reportedly killed following fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in al-Boureij front. Clashes took place in al-Rashideen neighbourhood between the FSA and National Defence militias; similar clashes were also reported in the villages of al-Rahmanyiah and al-Maqbla. FSA revolutionaries bombed the Artillery Battalion in Jamiaat al-Zahra’a with rocket launchers.
Regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on al-Sakhour, Handarat camp, and Masaken Hanano. Regime forces used rockets to shell al-Malkyiah village, Babdeen area, and the towns of Menig, Urum al-Kubra, and Darat Ezza. Regime troops stationed in al-Boureij area targeted civilian vehicles with heat-seeking missiles.

In Idlib, the Free Syrian Army used Juhannam launchers and mortar shells to bomb Beit Dahman and Mar Hitat checkpoints, achieving direct hits. They targeted regime aircraft in Maarat al-Nouman with anti-aircraft machine guns. Meanwhile, FSA forces denied their responsibility for the mortar attack that claimed the lives of thirteen civilians in the city of Idlib yesterday. They said in a statement that the Assad regime is to be blamed for the attack and stressed that they have not launched any attacks on the areas outside the security complex of the city.
Assad aircraft used guided and vacuum missiles to bombard the outskirts of the town of Sirja and the cities of Binnesh and Salqeen.

In Deir Ezzor, sporadic clashes broke out today between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces in different areas in the city, most notably in al-Howeika neighbourhood. Regime forces used heavy artillery to shell the liberated neighbourhoods of the city.
In the meantime, FSA forces lose control of several areas in al-Boukamal following violent clashes against ISIS militants. Clashes are now taking place in the outskirts of the city. Fierce clashes were also reported in the areas around al-Shuheil, al-Ataal, and alal-Riz of the eastern countryside. FSA revolutionaries foiled ISIS militias’ attempts to control al-Omar oil field near al-Mayadeen city of the eastern countryside.

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