The Assad regime targets medical locations of Damascus countryside in breach of Geneva Convention

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The Assad regime has a long history of systematically attacking hospitals and medical staff members and denying treatment to the sick and wounded, which is against the Geneva Convention. This week we saw further evidence of Assad’s desperation to end the Syrian revolution. Two makeshift hospitals were hit this week, one in al-Zabadani area of al-Qalamoun by regime barrel bombs and the other in Eastern Ghouta by a MiG missile strike. There were many casualties reported including doctors, nurses and patients seeking medical help. This is further evidence of Assad’s callousness, brutality and desperation as he seeks to take advantage of the international focus on Daesh.
The recent attacks on hospitals and makeshift medical points appear to be part of his renewed and orchestrated campaign to indiscriminately target civilians. During the past 24 hours, Eastern Ghouta has witnessed some of the heaviest bombardments since the revolution began in March 2011. It was reported that Assad targeted Douma and Erbin with multiple air strikes and artillery attacks killing dozens of civilians.

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