Daily Military and Field Report 3 June 2015

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Southern Region

Damascus countryside:

Ajnad al-Sham captured a regime troop from Brigade 121 in western Ghouta. Nine ISIS militants were killed amidst clashes with the FSA in the outskirts of al-Mahseh area in astern Qalamoun.





Clashes erupted between the FSA and regime forces at Dara’a al-Mahatta front while FSA troops blew up a regime base at Atman front using land mines. In the meanwhile, more than forty Hezbollah militiamen were killed amid clashes with the FSA around al-Lajat area.


Central Region



Special Tasks Unit in al-Tawheed Army secured a regime troop who  defected from Mallouk army base in the northern countryside amid clashes. The FSA also targeted regime premises in the army base with artillery and mortars killing several regime troops.



Fierce clashes broke out between FSA battalions and regime militias at al-Jibb al-Ahmar front on Mount al-Akrad. Ansar al-Sham Battalions bombarded Shabiha locations in the outskirts of al-Nabi Yunus Summit with heavy artillery, and targeted their locations on Mount Doreen with Jahannam launchers. Meanwhile, Asifat al-Hazm Division of the FSA targeted regime bases in Kafrayya with SPG-9 guns.


Northern Region



Al-Mujahedeen Army mortared regime troops positioned in Al-Assad housing complex while Nour Eddin Al-Zinki Movement used SPG-9 guns to bomb regime sniping positions at the Scientific Research Compound. Infantry Division 111 of the FSA mortared Assad forces based at Al-Rashideen neighbourhood. Moreover, violent clashes took place between the Free Syrian Army and regime troops at Khan Touman front in the southern countryside and on the outskirts of Nubol and Al-Zahraa in the northern countryside.  In the meantime, fierce clashes continued between FSA battalions and ISIS militants at northern Aleppo countryside fronts. Division 13 of the FSA destroyed an ISIS Dushka machine gun at Al-Hussiyeh area.

Regime Violations

Fifteen civilians were killed and many others were injured in Jib Al-Qubeh neighbourhood of Aleppo following a regime barrel bomb attack while sixteen people were killed in the city of Tall Rifaat in northern Aleppo countryside after a regime barrel bomb attack. In Idlib, eight family members were killed in Kafer Sajneh village in a regime barrel bomb attack.

ISIS Violations

ISIS militants executed four people in eastern Deri Ezzor countryside on charges of apostasy and collaboration with the FSA.

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