FSA Repels Regime in Rural Damascus and Lattakia; Traps Locations in Hama, and Battles Regime in Aleppo

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The Southern Region

Damascus and Rural Damascus

Bad weather did not stop Assad aircraft from targeting civilians in Rural Damascus, where this aircraft dropped several barrel-bombs on southern neighborhoods of Daraya city in western Ghota, simultaneous with an unsuccessful attempt by regime forces and their supporting militias to break into the city using tanks, armored vehicles, and mine sweepers; nonetheless, FSA represented by Al Islam Martyrs Brigade foiled this attempt, in spite of the continuous shelling by regime with artillery missiles, surface-to-surface missiles and heavy 120 mm mortar missiles on the city.

In another context, violent clashes broke out on Taiba front in Jobar neighborhood in Damascus simultaneous with artillery bombardment by regime on the neighborhood. Meanwhile, four Russian airstrikes targeted the city of Arbin in eastern Ghota with no information about casualties.

In the meantime, regime and Hezbollah forces tried to sneak yesterday to Fleta barren lands, yet opposition factions repelled them by a trap led to destroy a Dushka machine gun and kill several of them.

In eastern Ghota, Trucks of the Syrian Red Crescent and the UN entered Kafarbatna town, after the Red Crescent announced that a convoy of 15 trucks will deliver foods and humanitarian and medical aid to the town.

The Central Region


Al Nasr Army affiliated with FSA detonated a car full with members of Assad forces and their supporting militias near al-Aziziya village in Sahl al-Ghab with a land mine which led to kill many of them and injure others.

The Northern Region


Violent clashes continue between FSA and YPG militias in the surroundings of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo city amid mutual artillery shelling. While yesterday two FSA members martyred from FSA and during clashes which led to death of 4 members from YPG militias and injuries from both sides.

Yesterday, Russian aircraft targeted al-Hulluk neighborhood and the vicinity of Jandol round-about in Aleppo city, simultaneous with violent clashes between FSA and regime forces in Bani Zaid and Said Al Dawla neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

Regime forces bombarded yesterday neighborhoods in Aleppo city (al-Sukkari, al-Shaar, al-Sakhour, Bani Zaid); while fierce clashes broke out between fighting FSA factions and regime forces in the vicinity of Eis area in southern Aleppo countryside, coincided with bombardment by regime in Bana Al Hus village.

In a separate context, ISIL controlled the entire Khanaser town, and accordingly blocked the road leading to Aleppo which is the only support route to regime controlled areas in Aleppo city. This came after violent battles against regime forces during which a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb on the outskirts of the town, which forces regime forces to retreat, and ISIL controlled the entire town in addition to the nearby Aerial Defense Division.

The Western Region


FSA arrested today two regime members driving from regime controlled areas to FSA areas in Akrad mountain, after they lost the way, and FSA found out that they were going to rob civilians’ properties in villages regime recently controlled. One of those members confirmed that an officer in regime army is his direct supervisor who gives him orders.

In another context, FSA repelled attempt by regime and supporting local and foreign militias to advance on a front near Kansaba in Al Akrad mountain area, and also targeted with Katyusha rockets locations of Assad militia in Kansaba.

In addition, clashes broke out between FSA members and Assad forces in the outskirts of Qrouja village amid intensified Russian airstrikes, while FSA targeted strongholds of Assad forces in the village with mortar missiles.

Eastern Region

Deir Ezzor

ISIL targeted residences and areas of civilians, today’s morning, in Jora and Qusour neighborhoods with several mortar missiles which led to injury of many civilians and there is information that a man also martyred.

On the other side of the city, regime artillery positioned on the mountain overviewing the city targeted Al Mwazafin and Omal neighborhoods with no information about casualties.

In another context, Russian cargo planes dropped containers, which are likely to include food aid, near Al Assad hospital in Deir Ezzor city, yet no information received about distributing this aid to civilians, it is likely to be used by regime force and supporting militias in the area.

In a separated news, IC launched an airstrike targeting the outskirts of Bokmal city in eastern countrywide, with no information about casualties, while ISIL stoned a woman to death yesterday on charges of adultery and punish a guy in Al Maiyadin city with 100 lashes on the same charges.

Al Raqqa

YPG militias are generally alert in Tal Abiad city, where its members closed all entrances of the city and arrested tens of civilians after reieving news about a car-bomb in the city. Also, an explosion was heard resulting from mine explosion in Ain Isa city.

In a separate context, YPG militias opened fire on a Turkish Police Patrol on the Syrian-Turkish border which led Turkish Police to respond and target with heavy machineguns source of shooting which is Tal Abiad Silos.


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