Ghota Factions Thwart Regime Forces and Counterattack Them

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RFS: Abdul Momen Isa
By the time UN convoy left eastern Ghota, regime forces and their supporting militias launched a violent assault, violating the ceasefire agreement, on Fadaiya front in the east and Bala in the west, to tighten the siege around towns of southern Ghota (Deir al-Asafir, Zebdin, Harasta, Qantara, Harosh, Noleh, Bzineh).
Assad forces launched high explosive rockets, followed by artillery and tank shelling, after which members broke in and controlled many locations.
In their turn, fighters in the joint operation room in Eastern Ghota counterattacked the area and seized back all locations lost for regime, most importantly Shaher Farms in Al-Fadaiya area; in addition to destroying a tank for regime and damaging another. Battles resulted in death of many regime members especially inside the Agricultural Institute which used to be a start-point for regime forces.

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