RFS Statement of Clarification

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“On the Edge of Death” video… an attempt to participate in the international mannequin challenge
Assad’s “genius” media turn a simulation into reality!

The video is originally a short staged scene by RFS Media Office in contribution to the international #MannequinChallenge campaign.

The video intends to raise international awareness about the Syrian revolution in general, and the members of the Civil Defense, highlighting their role and sacrifices in protecting and saving the lives of civilians in Syria.
The video depicts the work of the White Helmets teams in the form of static mannequins to simulate reality. However, the regime used the video to distort facts and twist perceptions.

As usual, the Syrian regime’s media workers took the video, abstracted of its background, and started spinning false stories about it to serve their own purposes and the purposes of Assad regime, that has been killing Syrians for nearly six years, accusing RFS media office of creating fabricated videos of rescue operations by civil defense teams.

Thus, regime and its media did prove their isolation from the human and international context. Being ignorant about a huge media campaign such as the “Mannequin Challenge” in which international figures participated such as Hillary Clinton, the former American presidential candidate, and the German Bayern Munich team, only proves regime’s grave isolation from the world.

RFS Media office stresses again that the video is a simulation of realty, and is part of the international Mannequin Challenge.

The regime’s allegations about “On the Edge of Death” are telling half-truths and providing partial data, following the propaganda that Assad and his allies have been waging against the Syrian people since the Syrian revolution began.


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