A Syrian woman who refused to leave her house in eastern Aleppo brutally tortured to death in Assad detentions

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A Syrian woman from eastern Aleppo neighborhoods refused the forced evacuation from Aleppo city and preferred to stay in her house. After regime forces and militias entered the area, she was arrested on reports that she used to prepare meals for FSA factions.
Activists said she was a mother of two children, whose husband was killed from the indiscriminate shelling.
The woman was arrested for two weeks and her relatives tried to bribe some of regime’s thugs to turn her in for 200 thousand SYP.
However, Assad thugs turned in her body naked in a black bag, after being tortured to death.
Marks of different types of torture machines were obvious on the body with stains of cigarettes on every part of her body, fork stabs on her neck and breasts, and evidence of intravenous injection with gasoline.

Noteworthy that number of detainees killed under torture in regime prisons since March 2011 is more than 13 thousand, including more than 200 children and women.

Assad forces have committed, per international Human Rights organizations, crimes against humanity and war crimes represented in torture crimes such as sexual violence, enforced disappearances, and murders, in addition to the daily bombardments all around Syria.


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