Assad violations continue in Rural Damascus causing more casualties among civilians

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Assad regime committed several violations of the recent ceasefire agreement in Rural Damascus killing a civilian and injuring several others.

In detail, a woman was killed and others were wounded in Al-Marj area as regime aircrafts carried out more than 7 airstrikes against the Hazrama and Otaya towns.

In Doma city, several civilian were injured, mostly women and children from shelling with mortar rounds by Assad militias.

Meanwhile, Assad forces targeted the Ain Tarma city with mortar rounds and the Al-Zabadani city with heavy artillery without causing casualties among civilians.

In parallel, aerial and land shelling by Assad forces and militias continued against the Basseemah and Ain Al-Feejah towns in Wadi Barada which led to death of a civilian and injury of several others.

Mohammad Al-Qabouni
RFS – Rural Damascus

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