The Euphrates Wrath Forces are 28 km away from Raqqa; assassinations of Arab commanders in SDF

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Large groups of SDF and YPG advanced yesterday on two frontlines, Ain Issa and Al-Qaderiyah, to meet again after noon in the same point after controlling the Al-Aioj village in south-eastern Ain Issa in northern Raqqa countryside after fierce battles against ISIL that led to deaths among both sides.
Accordingly, the Euphrates Wrath forces are only 28 km away from Raqqa city, controlled by ISIL. Knowing that SDF abd YPG surround wide areas of Raqqa city.

The mine dismantling teams dismantled 1500 landmines, a few car bombs and detonated some others in the areas recently controlled by the Euphrates Wrath forces.
In the meantime, ISIL sent a car bomb to one of SDF sites in the outskirts of Al-Mahmoudi village in northern Raqqa countryside which led to death of several SDF members; ISIL also killed several SDF members with a guided-missile near Tal al-Samn and streamed a video showing a detainee from YPG.

A civilian was killed in the Kabsh Gharbi village and most other civilians fled the village towards the nearby fields or to Raqqa city as YPG targeted it with heavy artillery shelling, while ISIL is planting bombs in houses after inhabitants left the village.
Assassinations of Arab commanders from SDF continued. A Commander in Al-Raqqa Martyrs, Hamad al-Farhan, was killed as an IED was detonated in his car in the Jub Shuair village in northern Raqqa countryside.
In parallel, a funeral ceremony was regulated for 6 YPG members who were killed during the battles of the Euphrates Wrath operation on Jan 6.

Arab Al-Furati
RFS – Al-Raqqa

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