Nasr Army: “Recognizing us as legitimate revolutionary factions is one of the most important results of Astana talks.”

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Head of the political office of the Nasr Army, and its representative in Astana conference, Abdul Hakeem Rahmoun, said that of the most important results of Astana conference is recognizing FSA factions as legitimate revolutionary factions, who “were invited by many countries, which refutes regime’s story that they are only terrorist groups.”

He declared to RFS on Wednesday that guarantor states made commitments to stabilizes the ceasefire and oblige regime and the sectarian militias to commit to it, and implement the required humanitarian procedures.

Al-Rahmoun also clarified their position to the draft constitution proposed by Russia to the Syrian opposition during the conference; “we informed Russia that preparing any draft constitution must be endorsed by Syrians through their elected representatives, and any draft constitution must be submitted to public referendum after reaching the political transition,” adding that, “any foreign constitution will be taken for granted.”

Al-Rahmoun referred that no political issues were discussed in Astana, and only humanitarian procedures were discussed, mainly lifting the siege of all besieged areas, unconditioned humanitarian aid deliveries, and releasing the detainees.

Rahmoun said that they are testing the seriousness of Russia as a guarantor of the stabilizing the ceasefire and implementing the humanitarian procedures.

He added that opposition proposed a draft agreement for the mechanisms of implementing the ceasefire, to make sure the ceasefire is stabilized and provided a few-day notice for guarantor states to review it and sign it,” referring that it is the same agreement signed by the end of 2016.

Noteworthy that countries sponsoring Astana, issued a final statement in which Russia, Iran and Turkey, guarantors of those talks, announced establishing a joint mechanism to stabilize the ceasefire all around Syria.

Ahman Zakariya

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