Islam Army commandership working to protect Ghota

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Assad forces and their allying militias have launched during the last two days a fierce assault against sites of rebels on fronts of Hawsh Nasri and Hawsh Al-Zawahira, simultaneous with fierce artillery and rocket shelling, where 13 homemade Fil rockets and tens of gun missiles, by Assad forces, hit the mountains overlooking Eastern Ghota.

In detail, RFS correspondent Abdul Momen Issa, confirmed that Assad militias used two T72 tanks, 4 BMP vehicles, and two military bulldozers during the infiltration attempts. Ghota opposition factions, however, thwarted the infiltration, destroyed two tanks and killed more than 20 regime forces’ members during the battles.

In this regard, the spokesperson of Islam Army commandership, Hamza Bairaqdar, told RFS, “we prepared ourselves to all scenarios and we’re following a plan set in accordance with current conditions and circumstances to keep protecting Ghota against the fierce attack by regime forces and sectarian militias.”

Noteworthy that Assad forces are continuously attacking the Al-Marj area, a 6-km agricultural land with strategic location near the Al-Marj main and reserve airbases and the Marj al-Sultan town, to deprive people of Ghota from their lands.

Abdul Momen Issa
RFS – Rural Damascus

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