Ahmad Al-Abdo Forces: “we refuse having safe zones if the intent is to divide Syria”

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Martyr Ahmad Al-Abdu Forces are battling ISIL in eastern Al-Qalamoun area as these forces are among the biggest formation operating in the area. In Addition, they provide protection to civilians and IDPs who are living in the camps at the borders such as Al-Rukban camp.

RFS interviewed Captain Ahmad Al-Tamer, the commander of the Forces to know more about their work.

What are the recent developments of the battles in eastern Al-Qalamoun Mountain area?

Clashes have been ongoing between our forces and ISIL’s for a while as ISIL was able to fully block our supply lines. ISIL was able to advance in some fronts, but it failed in advancing in others as we continue to foil its attacks.

How do you support IDPs and civilians?

Since Ahmad Al-Abdo Forces were formed, they aimed at serving the people in eastern Al-Qalamoun area, especially Al-Dmeir city which has suffered a lot. 70% of the city’s revenues originally come from trade and agricultural sources, but the one-year war there negatively affected these sources making the city in dire need of support.

What do you think of having safe zones in Syria?

If these safe zones are meant to divide Syria so terrorist organizations would immerge, we will certainly reject them and we will fight against them. But if they intend to provide a safe haven for civilians escaping from war, then we will support them. We believe that the safe zones will be more like IDP camps that will allow migrants and IDPs to return to Syria.

Do you support the international efforts that seek a ceasefire in Syria?

Yes, we do. That would abe a good step to stop the bloodshed in the country.

What is the current and future roles of the FSA?

The FSA has become the core of the revolution as it aims at protecting the Syrian people and granting it a dignified life. In addition, it will always preserve the revolutions’ principles.

Ahmad Zakaryya
RFS – Exclusive

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