The coalition of southern forces to RFS: We aim at protecting civilians and fighting regime and terrorism, and we support the decisions of HNC

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A group of FSA affiliated factions, in Daraa and Qunaitera provinces, announced a few days ago, forming a unified commandership called “Forces of the South”, under the leadership of a dissident Colonel Ziad Al-Hariri. This is the second established coalition in southern Syria during the last month, after forming the Al-Thwara Army.

The spokesperson of the new coalition, Colonel Yusuf Al-Merei, told RFS that the Coalition of Southern Forces includes the Al-Hasm Battalion, 18 March Battalion, Ahrar Nawa Battalion, Salah Eddin Battalion, Al-Omari Brigades, Al-Karamah Brigade, Battalion 46, and Al-Haq brigades, which all belong to the southern front in Syria; adding that the aim of the coalition is founding a unified military action under one flag and one commandership.

Al-Merei added that factions of southern front have a schedule to stop the conflicts and reach unification among all factions in the front. “Firstly, 30 factions will unite in 5 formations, and the door is open for any faction to join the coalition of southern forces,” said Al-Merei.

He confirmed that the main aim of the coalition is protecting civilians and thwarting attacks by regime and other terrorist organizations.

Al-Merei said, “the coalition supports political negotiations under the auspices of the UN and is with any change aiming to gain the rights of Syrians, attain the aims of the Syrian revolution in justice and freedom, and meet the terms of Geneva 1. The coalition, indeed, supports any decision by the southern front and the HNC that represents it,” per Al-Merei

Noteworthy that, in Dec 2016, the four biggest opposition factions, affiliated with FSA, have announced forming a military coalition in Daraa province, called the Al-Thwara Army, that included Al-Yarmouk Army, Al-Myhajireen wal-Ansar, Al-Mutaz Bi Allah Army, and Al-Hasan Bin Ali.

Thaer Al-Tahli

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