Airstrikes, IEDs and Fires exhaust Idleb!

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A woman and her three children were killed and three other civilians were injured as Assad helicopters dropped barrel-bombs over the Habbit town, while regime aircrafts carried out an airstrike with missiles loaded with cluster bombs in the outskirts of the Al-Nqer village in Idleb countryside, causing only material damages.

IEDs victims

A civilian was killed and another was injured today from an IED explosion set by an unknown people in the Terei town near Khan Shaikhoun city in southern Idleb countryside, amidst tensions between Al-Aqsa brigade, close to ISIL, and Tahreer Al-Sham.

In parallel, another IED was detonated near a passing car in the center of the Kafartakharim city on the Syrian-Turkish border, and it is still unknown who set the IED or the reasons for detonating it.

Fires kill children

In addition to daily airstrikes, a series of fires have taken place in Idleb countryside. This morning a child was killed and another was seriously burned as fire started in a civilian house in Sarmeen city, while the civil defense members went to the fire area and saved the injured child.

In addition, a fire started in a shop in the center of Maarat Al-Numan city for unknown reason, causing no casualties as the civil defense teams put the fire out immediately.

Karam Al-Idlibi
RFS – Idleb

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