Civilians killed and injured from Russian airstrikes against eastern Hama countryside!

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Several civilians were killed and others were injured after Russian aircrafts targeted eastern Hama countryside this morning.

In detail, RFS correspondent said that at least 10 civilians were killed and tens were injured as Russian aircrafts targeted a cattle market in the Oqairibat district in eastern Hama countryside.

Our correspondent confirmed that Assad aircrafts also targeted the Taibat Al-Imam city and the outskirts of Morek town in northern Hama countryside with thermobaric missiles causing material damages in buildings.

In the meantime, the Allatamina town was targeted with several airstrikes using cluster missiles, without causing casualties among civilians, per our correspondent.

Noteworthy that heavy aerial bombardment by Assad and Russian aircrafts have targeted the countryside of Hama recently, which has caused several massacres in the area.

Mohammad Al-Hamwi
RFS – Hama

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