Battles rage on the battlefronts of Damascus amidst intensified aerial bombardment

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Fierce battles continued in the eastern side of the capital Damascus, where the FSA and other opposition factions are trying to advance on the eastern battlefronts of Damascus city.

RFS correspondent said that violent battles are going on between FSA fighters and Assad forces near the Damascus-Homs international highway; and he confirmed that fierce clashes continued in the outskirts of Jobar neighborhood.

FSA factions and other opposition factions had launched yesterday a new battle in eastern Damascus and had managed to link the Al-Qaboun and Jobar neighborhoods, in addition to gaining control of vast area of the Al-Abbasiyeen bus station.

In parallel, regime aircrafts have targeted the Jobar neighborhood and Arbeen city with more than 75 airstrikes so far today, while Assad forces have targeted the eastern areas of Damascus city with rockets and artillery missile, which led to several number of casualties among civilians, per RFS correspondent in Eastern Gotah.

Abdul Momen Issa
RFS – Damascus

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