FSA advances and gains control of strategic locations in northern Hama Countryside

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FSA factions and other opposition factions continued advancement in northern Hama countryside, and gained control of the Maardes, Al-Iskandariyah, Bzam Hill, Kakab and the Shalioot village.

The strategic Shalioot village overlooks vast areas of Hama countryside and is close to Mhardah Thermal Station; in addition, gaining control of this village enclosed vast parts of the Mharda-Al-Sqebiyah road in opposition’s fire scope.

The spokesperson of Izzah Army, Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, announced in an official statement that, “Mharda city, with majority of Christians, is not a target for FSA.”

In the meantime, Russian aircrafts intensified aerial bombardment in norther Hama countryside, and targeted most villages and towns in Hama countryside with more than 100 airstrikes, which led to death of 3 civilians in Helfaya city, while a civilian was killed and others were injured in Kafarzeita town as same aircrafts targeted it with more than 20 airstrikes.

On the other hand, the Allatamina, Al-Zakat, Latmeen, Al-Zwar, Khattab, Al-Majdal, and Sawran areas were targeted with several airstrikes, causing no casualties.

Muhammad Al-Hamwi
RFS – Hama

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