Civilians flee Al-Tabaqa while SDF issues a statement about the recent IC airdrop in Al-Tabaqa

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Hundreds of civilians started fleeing Al-Tabaqa city after the International Coalition’s viscous airstrikes on the city, and SDF’s tank and missiles shelling that aim at seizing the city in addition to the strategic Euphrates River.

ISIL allowed civilians to leave Al-Tabaqa but only towards ISIL-controlled areas, not towards areas controlled by the Kurdish forces, the FSA or the Turkish forces.

Meanwhile, IC forces and SDF unblocked the road on which the IC airdrop was conducted.

SDF issued a statement about the airdrop announcing that IC forces conducted an airdrop over the western bank of the Euphrates River in Al-Tabaqa countryside, and many helicopters and a group of fighters and military advisors took part of the operation.

The statement also announced that the airdrop location has become a military base from which SDF fighters can launch their operations at the western river bank.

According to the statement, “the airdrop was conducted to liberate Al-Tabaqa from terrorists, and liberate the Euphrates Dam in addition to its national electricity facilities to enable all Syrians from benefiting from their services.”

In the meantime, Ghadab Al-Furat Operation Room announced that SDF seized the villages of Farsat Abu Ismael, Msherfat Al-Shuhnat and Al-Ghassaniyah in Al-Raqqa eastern countryside, and besieged Al-Karama town.

Arab Al-Furati
RFS – Al-Raqqa

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