The FSA seizes Housh Hammad from ISIL as clashes continue in Al-Qalamoun

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The FSA factions of the Southern Front seized Housh Hammad area in Al-Lajat following clashes with ISIL; dozens of ISIL fighters were killed and wounded.

The Correspondent of the Syrian Media Commission reported that the Southern Front attacked ISIL positions in Al-Lajat forcing ISIL to withdraw from the area.

He added that the clashes coincided with the battles of Sarjona Al-Jyad and Tard Al-Bughat that aim at expelling ISIL from Al-Qalamoun and Al-Badiyah.

In the meantime, revolutionaries in eastern Al-Qalamoun announced that the start of the second phase of the battle to lift the siege on the area and linking Al-Badiyah to Al-Qalamoun after they seized Al-Mahsa crossing and Abu Al-Shamat highway in Al-Badiyah.

In addition, revolutioanres were able to gain control of many locations including Tais, Jabal Sies, Sies checkpoint, the Scientific Research Company, Jabal Makhoul, Al-Sabea Biyar area and Zaza area that stretch over 24km of land.

Source: Syrian Media Commission

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