The FSA starts the battle of Sada Al-Sham in Hama western countryside

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FSA factions announced that today Friday they will launch a battle called Sada Al-Sham in Hama northern and western countryside.

Al-Nasr Army, Al-Nukhbah Army, Al-Sham Legion, and Ahrar Al-Sham are participating in the battle aiming at gaining control of regime and pro-regime militias in Hama countryside.

In the early hours of the battle, the factions seized Tal Al-Sakher in southern Kafer Naboudah town.

In the meantime, the battles of Qul Fa’malu and Fi Sabeel Allah Namdi in Hama northern countryside continue achieving success as the FSA in addition to other factions seized more than 35 points and towns from regime forces.

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