FSA expels ISIL and gains control of the strategic Ber Al-Qasab; launches a battle in eastern Qalamoun

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FSA factions, participating in the “Sarjuna Al-Jiad” battle, gained control of the Ber Al-Qasab area, the biggest stronghold for ISIL in Swaidaa countryside, after fierce battles against ISIL that finally withdrew from the area.

In parallel, FSA gained control of the Shinwan area, Ber Al-Awra, Bir Al-Qaniat, Rajam Al-Dawlah, Al-Asfar, and Al-Raheel School in Swaidaa Countryside after expelling ISIL from them.

ISIL had also withdrawn from the Hawsh Hammad and Allajat areas in northern Daraa province, which has fully become under FSA’s control.

On the other hand, the Ahmad Al-Abdo forces, Islam Army, and Usood Al-Shaeqiya launched the “Qadimoon Ya Qalamoun” battle to lift the siege of eastern Qalamoun area, where fierce battles are raging on the frontlines of Al-Mehsa area and Al-Maqoura Mountain between opposition factions and ISIL.


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