Assad terrorists drop 86 barrel bombs in Daraa on Saturday

Source: Orient Net

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Fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) – ‎operating under the banner of al-Bunyan al-‎Marsous Operations Room (BMOR) prevented ‎Assad terrorists and their allied Shia mercenaries from making any progress ‎or occupying new areas in Daraa al-Balad on ‎Saturday (June 10).‎

In the first light of Saturday Assad ‎terrorists and the Shia militias, covered by heavy ‎bombardment of Russian and Assad warplanes, targeted the neighborhoods of ‎the city, focusing on Daraa ‎and al Balad, and the roads leading to it. The number of barrel bombs used by Assad terrorists and their allies was innumerable, the ‎BMOR media office told orient News correspondent.‎

During the clashes, opposition fighters were ‎able to kill an Assad officer in the 4th Brigade, ‎Colonel Ahmed Tago, one of the most ‎criminal Assad terrorist leaders and planners of the military ‎campaign on Daraa. The Colonel participated ‎in many attacks on civilians, including the Zabadani and ‎Madaya offensives in Damascus western ‎countryside.‎

Also, an Assad tank was destroyed while trying ‎to sweep through the eastern plains of Daraa ‎Camp.‎

Assad-Russian airstrikes, barrel bombs and FEEl missiles in figures ‎

Assad and Russian terrorists conducted on Saturday 19 ‎airstrikes with 86 barrel bombs, 90 surface to ‎surface missiles in addition to a large number of ‎artillery shells.‎

Al-Gheriyya al-Sharqeyya and al-Gheriyya al-‎Gharebiyya, al-Yadoda and al-Na’ayma towns in ‎Daraa countryside were also indiscriminately ‎attacked by Assad terrorists and their allied ‎militias.

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