The FSA blocks attempt by the Assad forces to infiltrate near the city of Al-Bab in rural Aleppo

Sami Al-Raj - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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On Monday morning, the FSA were able to block the attempted infiltration of the regime’s forces and militias in the vicinity of the village of Al-Tafri’a near Al-Bab in eastern rural Aleppo. This came after violent clashes that lasted for several hours, during which artillery and missile bombardment took place between the two sides.

Hezbollah forces, stationed in the village of Ratyan, bombarded civilians’ homes in the town of Biyanoun, north of Aleppo, in concurrence with shelling the city of Anadan with dozens of rocket-propelled missiles.

The FSA responded by targeting Hezbollah positions with heavy artillery.

Furthermore, a number of YPG fighters were killed yesterday when a landmine exploded in the vicinity of Jabal Barsayya in northern rural Aleppo, after they tried infiltrating the positions of the FSA in the area.

The regime forces have attempted more than once to advance on the front of Al-Tafri’a, east of Aleppo city, but have not succeeded and lost dozens of fighters during clashes with the FSA.

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