The Free Syrian Army blocks Assad forces and the YPG in Aleppo

Sami Al-Raj - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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FSA factions announced on Friday that they would confront the regime’s forces and their militias on the ”Scientific Research Institute” front, west of Aleppo city.

RFS correspondent said that the FSA was able to destroy a heavy machine gun type 14.5l, and kill its crew. This came after the FSA was subjected to heavy artillery shelling by the regime, and following the latter’s attempt to progress on that front.

In a related context, Ahrar Al-Sham confirmed that its fighters were able to block the the YPG after the latter’s attempt to infiltrate the positions of Ahrar in the vicinity of the Daret Izza in western rural Aleppo.

Military sources confirmed to RFS that one YPG fighter was killed in the battles, and FSA factions destroyed YPG fortifications in the nearby hills.

The YPG also shelled residential neighborhoods in Daret Izza with heavy artillery shells, causing physical damage to civilian houses.

Intermittent clashes with heavy machine guns took place between Hezbollah militia and the FSA on the Mallah front in rural Aleppo, coinciding with mutual artillery and missile fire between the two sides.

Rural Aleppo and the western areas of the city, fall within the de-escalation zones agreement.

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