FSA launches offensive on PKK-affiliated SDF in Aleppo countryside

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Opposition fighters launched in the first light of Sunday (June ‎‎18) an offensive on the positions of the PKK-‎affiliated Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-‎Madeeq Hill in Aleppo northern countryside, special sources told Orient Net. ‎

The sources added opposition fighters ‎managed to control the Mukhtar farms ‎near the village of al-Madeeq Hill southeast of ‎ Mara’ after clashes with the Kurdish ‎Units, SDF.

The opposition offensive resulted in killing 18 ‎SDF members and injuring many others.

Fierce clashes also erupted ‎between opposition fighters and SDF on ‎fronts of Maranaz, Kafr Khashr, Bersaya Mountain, ‎Ma’areen and Kaljreen in Aleppo northern ‎countryside without any reports of losses.

Five civilians killed by SDF shelling on Mara’

Field sources told Orient Net that the announced offensive by the opposition on SDF today came after the latter shelled the city of Mara’ with heavy artillery, killing at least five civilians and injuring tens.

Many towns and villages in Aleppo northern countryside are occupied by SDF, including Tal Rifa’at and Efrin.

Opposition fighters launched earlier this month an offensive to restore their villages from the PKK-affiliated group.

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