Breach of ceasefire .. Assad forces attempting to progress on the fronts of “Da’el” in Dara’a

Orient Net - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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FSA factions were able to block the attempt by Assad’s forces and their foreign militias to advance on the Da’el and western Ghariyah fronts in rural Dara’a on Monday morning.

Orient correspondent said that the rebels managed to destroy a regime tank on the front of the western Ghariyah, and also blocked the Iranian militia from infiltrating FSA checkpoints east of the city of Da’el, which resulted in casualties amongst the Iranian ranks.

On another front, regime forces shelled liberated neighborhoods of Dara’a with heavy artillery and mortar shells. Additionally, towns west and east of Ghariyah and the outskirts of the city of Da’el witnessed similar artillery shelling.

Military sources have revealed to Orient Net earlier that a “temporary ceasefire” has been reached in the province of Dara’a, about two weeks after the unprecedented military offensive launched by the Assad forces and Iranian militias on the liberated areas in the province.

The sources pointed out that the ceasefire in Dara’a includes the cessation of aerial bombardments, barrel bombing, artillery and missiles and all forms of military operations, and includes halting the Assad regime from bringing additional military reinforcements to the province.

Liberated neighborhoods in Dara’a city have witnessed a massive displacement of civilians, and the displacement has drastically increased during the past two days after the regime announced a 48-hour ceasefire in the city.

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