The Free Syrian Army reveals the losses of Assad and the Iranian militias in the Syrian Badia

Follow-up - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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The FSA-affiliated “Usud Al-Sharkiyah” Media Office published an infographic showing the losses of the Assad forces and the foreign militias supporting them in the battle of “The Land is Ours”. Ahmad Al-‘Abdou FSA faction was one of the groups taking part in the battles in the Syrian badia.

“Usud Al-Sharkiyah” killed 150 members of the Iranian militia and the regime since the start of the battle of “The Land is Ours” in the badiya, and destroyed 5 tanks, 4 BMP vehicles, 6 helicopters, in addition to heavy vehicles.

On Tuesday, the factions resumed the battle of “The Land is Ours” by targeting the positions of the Iranian militias at the Zaza and Sabe’a Bayar checkpoints, Mahawar al-Shamma and the Jleigheim junction on the Damascus-Baghdad highway, and the Sana thermal station in eastern rural Damascus, killing and injuring several members from the Iranian and Iraqi militias.

The fighting factions managed last Friday to destroy a number of military helicopters, after targeting Belli military airbase in the Syrian badiya with dozens of Grad rockets.

“Martyr Ahmed Al-Abdou” Media Office announced the destruction of six helicopters inside Belli military airbase, and a warehouse of ammunition and explosive barrels, after targeting the airport with Grad rockets.

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