Casualties in Hasakeh, and the FSA Blocks Regime in Rural Damascus

Walid Al-Homsi - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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12 civilians were killed and others injured yesterday Wednesday, as a result of airstrikes on Tal Al-Shayer and Hareer Hatem villages around Hasakeh city. Most of the casualties included women and children.

In rural Damascus, the FSA blocked regime’s attempt to advance on the fronts of Ain Tarma in Eastern Ghouta, as heavy clashes broke out between both parties amidst aerial bombardment by the Russian air force. The FSA in turn bombed regime tanks on the frontline of the Damascus-Homs highway, and the town of Hazrama in Eastern Ghouta.

In Raqqa, Daesh announced the death of 12 SDF fighters, who were killed by sniper shots around the archeological fence, and Souq Al-Hal in the city; while 3 civilians were killed as a result of an air strike on the village of Al-Buhamad. Furthermore, the vicinity of the old mosque in the city was subjected to similar airstrikes amidst fierce clashes between Daesh and SDF.

On another front, SDF ran over a young man with a car after trying to force him to conscript him in Al-Deek village in rural Tal Abyad. Additionally, SDF were forcing locals in Tal Abyad to close down their shops to go out for a demonstration in support of YPG, and to demand the release of Abdallah Ocalan, PKK leader.

In Hama, one member of the regime’s National Guard was killed, and another injured as a result of a mine explosion in the town of Ma’ardess, in the rural north.

Several ballistic missiles were fired at the village of Abu Dalia in Oqeirbat, from Russian ships based in the Mediterranean, in concurrence with the Russian airforce shelling the villaes of Abu Hanaya, Abu Hbeilat, Quleib Al-Thawr, Al-Barghouthiyeh, Salba, and Masoud, with no report of casualties.

In Dara’a, regime helicopters dropped 6 barrel bombs on the area of Gharz, in concurrence with heavy artillery shelling and Fil missiles on the liberated neighborhoods of Dara’a, while west Ghariyah was subjected to similar shelling, with no report of human casualties.

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