Deaths and Bombardment in Raqqa and Dara’a, and Battles in Aleppo and Damascus

Walid Al-Homsi - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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In Raqqa, four civilians from the same family were killed and others injured, as a result of bombing residential neighborhoods with extremely explosive missiles. Meanwhile, Daesh targeted the neighborhood of Al-Jazra in the city center with an IED.

In Dara’a, a sortie of 3 helicopters dropped 12 barrel bombs on the area of Al-Lajat in the rural south of the province, which resulted in several injuries among civilians. The regime was also using heavy artillery to shell the residential neighborhoods in Dara’a, which also resulted in several injuries among civilians. In the same context, the regime used heavy artillery to bomb the village of Al-Teeha, which resulted in fires breaking out in agricultural territory.

Moving on to Aleppo, many regime fighters were killed and injured while trying to infiltrate into FSA positions on the frontlines of the Mallah area in the rural north. Concurrently, the FSA blocked attempts from SDF who were trying to advance on the fronts of Al-Tukhar Al-Sagheera and Al-Tukhar Al-Kabeera south of Jarablus.

In Damascus and countryside, heavy clashes broke out between the FSA and the regime on the fronts of Hawsh Al-Dawahra and Ain Tarma and Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta, as the regime was trying to advance supported by the Russian air force, which was bombing the contested areas.

Many civilians had suffocated due to the regime’s bombardment of the Jbar neighborhood with toxic gases, and also bombing Nisreen street in Al-Tadamon, south of the capital with three guided missiles.

In Idlib, HTS arrested a Daesh sleeper cell comprising of 15 individuals in Maaret Al-Numan. The individuals carried explosive belts and other types of arms.

In Hama, Daesh announced killing 7 regime fighters on the fronts of Quleib Al-Thor in the rural east, while the regime bombed Al-Latamnah with heavy artillery in the rural north.

Lastly, in Deirezzor, heavy clashes broke out between the regime forces and Daesh in the vicinity of Al-Maqaber area, and 137 division, in concurrence with heavy aerial bombardment by the Russian air force which targeted the contested areas.

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