Continuous Aerial Bombardment on Dara’a, and Battles in Raqqa, Rural Damascus and Homs

Waleed Al-Homsi - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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In Dara’a, the FSA was able to destroy a trax belonging to the Assad forces near the area of Ayeb, and concurrently bombed Daesh positions in Nafi’a in the Yarmouk basin with missile launchers. Meanwhile, a woman was killed in the area of Ayib as a result of barrel bombing by the regime’s helicopters on the area. Furthermore, the neighborhoods of liberated Dara’a and the towns of Ghariyah, Tal El-Mal and Aqrabal were subjected to heavy artillery shelling.

In Raqqa, IC aircraft carried out 12 airstrikes on the residential neighborhoods in the city, in concurrence with heavy battles between Daesh and SDF in the outskirts of the city. Simultaneously, Daesh targeted an SDF position near the Sur Al-Adeem east of the city with a car IED. SDF forces conitnued to loot and sabotage most of the residents’ homes in Al-Mashlab neighborhood.

In Rif Damascus, the Russian airforce carried out several consecutive airstrikes on Douma and vicinity, and Eastern Ghouta, resulting in injuries among civilians. While the neighborhoods of Jobar and Ain Tarma were subjected to heavy aerial bombardment as well, which resulted in heavy material damage. The FSA managed to bomb the regime forces positioned in the vicinity of Ain Tarma, using missiles of the type 23, and achieving their targets.

In Homs, heavy clashes broke out between Daesh and Assad forces on the fronts of Jabab Hamad, in an attempt from the Assad forces to try and advance in the area amidst Russian air support. Assad’s forces also bombed residential neighborhoods in the city of Kafar Laha in Houla with heavy artillery missiles.

In Hama, the FSA bombed Assad forces’ position in Harbanafseh with mortar shells, and another position for Assad’s forces in the Al-Zara station.

In Quneitra, heavy battles broke out between the FSA and the Assad forces on the fronts of the Samdaniyah town, in an attempt from the Assad forces to try and advance in the area.

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