The Criminal is Still Free and on the Loose, Khan Shiekhoun Residents Hold a 100-day Commemoration of the Chemical Massacre

Abdallah Al-Taweel - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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Dozens of Khan Sheikhoun residents held a sit-down in southern rural Idlib yesterday, in commemoration of the chemical massacre that took place in Khan Sheikhoun 100 days ago. The massacre was carried out by the Assad regime who shelled the residents with the internationally-banned sarin gas.

The massacre claimed the lives of over 100 civilians of different ages, and suffocated over 400, while many other residents fled the town in fear that the Assad regime might use the toxic chemical gases again.

The protestors expressed their distress during the sit-in from the international organizations and the international community, and the fact that they had done nothing about holding Bashar Al-Assad accountable and every other actor who was an accomplice in the crime. The protestors lifted posters that said “Criminal Still on the Loose”

It is noteworthy that the chemical massacre committed by the Assad forces, was carried out on the 4th of June 2017, which shelled residential neighborhoods in Khan Sheikhoun. An emergency Security Council meeting was held at the United Nations which condemned the crime and held Assad accountable, but was vetoed by Russia, which leaves the criminals free of any punishment.

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