Daesh Seeks Revenge from HTS, and Death Takes its Toll on the Oldest Opposition Figure in Idlib

Rawad Mohammed - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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More than 10 HTS fighters were killed and injured following an operation carried out by Daesh, causing for motorbike IED to explose in a gathering for the HTS fighters near the textile factory in Idlib city yesterday, Wedenesday.

HTS has been carrying out a full-scale military operation in Idlib against Daesh sleeper cells, and has arrested dozens from the organization.This seems to be Daesh’s first response to HTS’ action.

In relevance, Haj Kanjo Al-Jaban, oldest opposition figure, has apssed away. Al-Jaban was 100 years old, and was known for his support to the revolution and his participation in peaceful demonstrations which called for toppling the regime. He was known for his cane, which he used to swing infront of rebels to motivate them. Haj Kanjo is originally from Maarshamsheh, in rural south Idlib.

In a related context, civilians and activists in Khan Sheikhoun held a commemoration of the Khan Sheikhoun chemical massacre, which was committed by the Assad regime 100 days ago, and resulted in the death of more than 100 civilians.

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