Abu Amara Claims Hezb Al-Baath Building Explosion in Aleppo, and Assad’s Media Denies It

Sami Al-Raj - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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A huge explosion took place in the ground floor of the Hezb Al-Baath (Baath Party) building near Saadallah Al-Jabri square in Aleppo’s city center, north of Syria.

According to pro-Assad media outlets, an ammunition depot exploded inside the building, resulting in dozens of injuries among members of the regime forces and construction workers. The media outlets confirmed the burning of large parts of the building as a result of the huge explosion that occurred, while investigations are continuing to look for the culprit.

In the same context, Abu Amara special tasks claimed the attack, and confirmed that its security elements were able to place several explosive devices inside the building , which is very strict security control, and detonated the bombs amidst an officers’ gathering of the regime forces.

Sources from the University Hospital in Aleppo told RFS, “Three officers were killed and dozens of fighters from the regime’s forces were injured, including a number of high-ranking officers in the explosion that took place inside the building.”

It is worth mentioning that the regime forces transformed the building of the Baath Party into military barracks and an HQ for the National Defense Forces. There are huge ammunition depots and a large number of military vehicles inside the building.

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