23 Killed as a Result of Military Escalation by the Assad Forces in Ghouta

SCD - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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The SCD released a report on the number of human casualties caused by the shelling, which was carried out by the regime and the Russian air force on civilians in Eastern Ghouta in the past few days.

The report revealed that the cities and towns of Ain Tarma, Hazzeh, and Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta have witnessed significant escalation in aerial and artillery bombardment by the regime, as the regime air force had carried out 32 air airstrikes in the past few days.

According to the SCD, the shelling resulted in 23 civilian deahths, and over 50 civilian injuries, 6 in Zamalka, 2 in Hazzeh, and 15 in Ain Tarma.

This escalation comes after the FSA achieving important victories over the Assad forces and the Iranian militias, and causing them to lose many of their fighters, during the latter’s attempt to advance in the neighborhood of Jobar east of the capital Damascus, and the adjacent town of Ain Tarma, for the second month in a row.

Iranian militias continue trying to advance in Eastern Ghouta, despite the area being included in the “de-escalation zones” agreement, which was signed by Russia, Turkey and Iran in Astana.

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