Another Mass Grave of Victims of Daesh Found in North Aleppo

Sami Al-Raj - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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SCD teams found Sunday a mass grave containing several bodies of victims of Daesh, in the city of Akhtareen in Aleppo, northern Syria.

The SCD released several clips that document the discovery of the mass grave, and the discovery of more than 10 tied-up corpses. The SCD teams dug them up and buried the properly in one of the city’s cemeteries.

Locals were not able to identify the corpses as they were in an advanced state of decay, and no documents were found with the victims to help identify them.

Daesh had previously committed several massacres claiming dozens of civilians’ and FSA fighters’ lives, as mass graves were discovered in most of the areas Daesh was expelled from, in northern and eastern rural Aleppo.

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