The SCD – Emergency Response in Idlib and rural Idlib, and Civilian Campaigns in Collaboration with the Provincial Council

Yassin Al-Akhras - The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office

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The Syrian Civil Defense and local councils are carrying out services and emergency response campaigns, for emergencies that might include fires and others. Most of the campaigns are focusing on the center of the province and surrounding areas.

RFS correspondent said that the SCD rushed a child to the hospital from his home to the nearest medical point, after his health situation had deteriorated, as a result of the explosion that took place near Al-Majd hospital yesterday in Idlib city. A car bomb was the culprit for the explosion, and activists think that Daesh is most likely behind the attack.

The SCD also rushed a young man to the hospital, from the town of Heish in rural Idlib, to a hospital outside the town after he broke his hand in a car accident. Another similar incident took place, which also the SCD responded to, in the town of Tal Minnes near Maaret Al-Numan.

On another front, a fire broke out from one of the generators in the industrial area in Saraqib city for an unnown reason, resulting in significant material damage. SCD teams immediately responded and worked on putting out the fire, with no human casualties reported. Another similar fire broke out in one of the farming lands in the vicinity of the town of “Muhambel”, which resulted in some crops getting burned.

Several services campaigns are being initiated in Idlib province, as the SCD and in coordination with the local council in the city, started cleaning the School of Activities and Services in the city. Another campaign was simultaneously carried out under the name “With my hand in yours, we will build it”, to extend and install lighting for one of the public parks in the city.

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