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FSA Our Choice

The spokesperson of Al Nasr Army to RFS, “We support political solution that achieves demands of people in Syria…”

“The Syrian people formed a historical epic…” “Those who sacrificed lives for freedom and dignity will be magnified in history…” “The Syrian Revolution will be crowned with freedom and dignity, and will be a role model for all peoples in the world.” 1st Lieutenant Abo Amjad Al Homsi, the spokesperson of Al Nasr Army, affiliated with the Free Syrian Army …

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Al-Ababeel Army commander tells RFS: “the public support is the FSA’s legitimacy and source of power.”

Al-Ababeel Army commander

On October 02, 2014, several FSA factions announced uniting their forces under the name of Al-Ababeel Army, and chose Abu Tawfeeq Al-Souri as their commander. This Army has been operating for two years in southern Syria. The commander said when the Army was first formed that the factions decided to take their spontaneous, simple military work to the next level …

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The Story of a Fighter… Hisham Al-Omar: the regime burned my house, and I will fight with the FSA until we overthrow the Assad regime and raise the revolution flag

هشام العمر

  “My defection came after the orders of Asef Shawkat of killing the young and old people to quell the demonstrations.” The Free Syrian Army gave, and still giving, fighters who defended the dignity of the Syrian people and sought to achieve the goals of the revolution, especially to overthrow the regime, fighting fierce battles and going through tough situations. …

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The Story of a Fighter… Mustafa Al-Hassan,” My only wish is that the Syrian people will be capable of overthrowing the criminal regime”

مصطفى حسن

“Watching the Russian aircraft while killing the children of Syria bleeds my heart and makes me feel very sad.” A student, a demonstrator, and then an FSA fighter Mustafa was a student when the revolution broke out. He participated in most of the peaceful demonstrations in the cities of Aleppo and Anadan. After the liberation of Anadan checkpoint, he decided …

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The Story of a Fighter.. Mahmoud Khalaf: “I joined the FSA to liberate my town from regime forces.”

محمود خلف

“Syria deserves the best, and we hope we achieve victory soon.” Joining the FSA After months of regime crackdown on peaceful revolutionaries in Aleppo, Mahmoud was convinced that carrying arms is the only way to defeat the regime, so he joined the FSA “to liberate his country form the gang occupying it,” according to him. Excelling at using arms Mahmoud …

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The Story of a Fighter.. Muhammed Abu Al-Zubair: “our weapons are our honor and we use them to defend civilians and their rights.”

“My wish is to see the revolution triumphant so migrants and IDPs would return to their homes.” The regime suppressed peaceful demonstrations The regime perpetrated massacres against Syrians across Syria in order to push the youth to take up arms. This is to give an excuse for shelling all areas and forcing its locals from their homes. This scenario was …

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The Story of a Fighter… Jalal Al-Tilawi: I will return to my home and I will participate in the reconstruction of the country

جلال التلاوي

“We took up the arms to defend ourselves and we will return to be civilians after achieving the victory of the revolution.” “I will return to my home and I will participate in the reconstruction of the country”, this was the answer of Jalal Al-Tilawi who lives now in Al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs when we asked him about his future …

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The commander of Abdullah Battalion in Al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs: “We have to unite our forces to become one Free Syrian Army.”

“The FSA is fighting to protect Syria and to defend civilians from the brutal regime.” Homs became famous for its brave fighters who tremendously suffered from the regime’s siege on the old neighborhoods of the city. As the regime could not enter these neighborhoods, it targeted them with shelling, and starved people inside them to death after besieging them. This …

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The Story of a Fighter.. Kamal Jamal Eddin: “my friend was injured in front of my eyes and I could do nothing, so he died.”

“I wish the war would end and all arrests would stop, and to liberate all detainees and allow migrants to return to their homes.” The first spark of the revolution started with anti-regime slogans and graffiti. The revolutionaries were Syrian youth who were tired of the regime’s practices that started over thirty years ago and targeted their fathers then. When …

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