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We’ve lost our home!

Internal displacement in Idlib amid intensified Russian-Assadi bombardment RFS correspondent, Abdul Ghani Arian


RFS correspondent, Abdul Ghani Arian A huge internal displacement movement is taking place from Idlib city towards farms and agricultural lands due to the aerial assault by Russia and regime aircrafts on towns and cities of Idlib that started in the beginning of August, and led to many massacres and destruction of buildings which led to displacement of thousands from …

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New displacement of people from Eastern Ghota

RFS correspondent, Abdul Momen Isa In the most extremely severe life conditions, and the regular bombardment by regime forces and militias on towns and locations of Al Marj area in eastern Ghota, a big part of families in al Marj fled their houses. The photos show their new miserable life in tents and houses not prepared for human life.

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Police in Atmeh border center double efforts to serve IDP in Syria

RFS correspondent, Ahmad Zakaria Free police in Atmeh Camps in Syria took the responsibility of protecting internally displaced people (IDP) in addition to other responsibilities. A civil security system is a necessity to control the security situation after revolution. Free police represent this system and Atmeh police center is an example to be highlighted by RFS. Major Hussein Abo Khaled, …

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Atmeh Camps; increasing numbers of “displaced people” versus a significant decline in “donors’ aid”!

Rana Hashim- Special Report for the Media Office of the forces of the Syrian revolution   With the increasing numbers of displaced people in the camps of Atmeh, Al-Karameh, and Al-Salam on the Turkish-Syrian boarders due to the escalation of shelling and massacres carried out by the Assad regime and its Russian allies in the northern areas, Aleppo in particular, …

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The first memories of displacement: when the Syrian youth carries the burden of humanitarian aid and its costs

  By Ali Safar     Since early 2012, Damascus as well as the rest of the Syrian cities have become accustomed to displacement. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians left their areas after clashes started to break out between the newly-formed FSA factions, and Assad forces who are backed by pro-regime militias. This phenomenon was unprecedented in Syria’s history. However, …

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Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous camp in Lattakia: lack of life basics may cause the spread of epidemics

RFS Media Office _ Rana Hisham (Exclusive) IDPs from Lattakia countryside headed towards camps in Jisir Ashughour in Idlib countryside and Darkoush, in addition to Turkey, after the intense airstrikes that targeted the camps on Al-Akrad and Al-Turkmen Mountains. Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous camp was established near the Turkish-Syrian border and it housed 30 families in the beginning, but the numbers increased …

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Al-Dili and Al-Sahiliyah camps in Dar’a… illiteracy and lack of health care

Tha’er Al-Tehli – RFS Media Office The regime used the scorched earth policy in many areas in Dar’a and its countryside. This made hundreds of families leave their areas to escape from dying under rubbles. In addition, the regime forcefully expelled people from their areas forcing them to live in scattered tents around Jasem city in Dar’a countryside in harsh …

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The Panorama of Leaving… By Adnan al-Miqdad

Assad the father ruled Syria through the axes of “national unity and resistance”. However, in the matter of fact, he worked on dismantling the Syrian society and spreading sectarianism and horror. He distributed army barracks within Syria so that each city would have a share of the barracks, security branches, and death. Moreover, he persecuted the people in an unprecedented …

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Critical conditions of IDP in Jisr Al Shoghour area

By Zahra Mohammad Millions of Syrians live extremely difficult circumstances starting from displacement, homelessness, the brutal shelling by regime forces targeting haphazard and regulated IDP camps and ending with unemployment and harsh living conditions in camps. Running away from bombardment and exoduses Regime’s continuous shelling of Jisr Al Shoghour and Al Akrad mountain areas led to displacement of thousands of …

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