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Analysts and military leaders are talking about the role of the FSA in the transitional phase

الجيش السوري الحر

The fast-moving events continue in Syria amid political and diplomatic moves, negotiations, and international resolutions seeking to find a political solution in Syria. These developments comes amid the insistence and rejection of the opposition, both in its political and military sides, to any role for Assad in a transitional phase, in case the international parties approved on it through the …

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The Kurd’s story with the Syrian revolution

The Kurds joined demonstrations since they started in Al-Jazeera area, and they participated with all the activities that were an extension to what was happening in Southern Syria. They have been true to the revolution just as it was true to them, as revolutionaries chanted for the Kurds on Azadi Friday, May 20, 2011. The Kurds regarded the revolution as …

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A Syrian woman who refused to leave her house in eastern Aleppo brutally tortured to death in Assad detentions


A Syrian woman from eastern Aleppo neighborhoods refused the forced evacuation from Aleppo city and preferred to stay in her house. After regime forces and militias entered the area, she was arrested on reports that she used to prepare meals for FSA factions. Activists said she was a mother of two children, whose husband was killed from the indiscriminate shelling. …

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Insecurity in Salamiyah under the auspices of Assad!

A situation of insecurity prevails in Al-Salamiya city in eastern Hama countryside, 40 km away from the center of Hama city controlled by Assad regime and militias. Several kidnaps and murders have been perpetrated against civilians in the city, where the so-called “popular committees” militias, loyal to regime and supporting his crimes even against people of their city, have the …

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The Health Directorate in the coastal region tells RFS: the vaccine campaign reached ten thousand children

The Health Directorate in the coastal region announced finishing its third vaccine campaign on November 23. The 11-day campaign gave vaccines to children from the age of one day to the age of five in several areas including the villages in Jisir Al-Shughour countrywide, and IDP camps on the mountains of Al-Akrad and Turkmen. 12 teams conducted the campaign inside …

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‘Jeel Al Khilafah’ or Generation of Caliphate; a new camp by ISIL for recruiting children!

ISIL started a new military camp in al-Miadeen city in Deir Ezzor province, or Al Khair State as called by ISIL, under the title ‘Jeel Al Khilafah’ or Generation of Caliphate to recruit new fighters who will join ISIL’s battles on different fronts in Syria and Iraq. In detail, the Euphrates Post published that the one-year-long camp implements special military …

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The Story of a Fighter… Hisham Al-Omar: the regime burned my house, and I will fight with the FSA until we overthrow the Assad regime and raise the revolution flag

هشام العمر

  “My defection came after the orders of Asef Shawkat of killing the young and old people to quell the demonstrations.” The Free Syrian Army gave, and still giving, fighters who defended the dignity of the Syrian people and sought to achieve the goals of the revolution, especially to overthrow the regime, fighting fierce battles and going through tough situations. …

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The Story of a Fighter… Mustafa Al-Hassan,” My only wish is that the Syrian people will be capable of overthrowing the criminal regime”

مصطفى حسن

“Watching the Russian aircraft while killing the children of Syria bleeds my heart and makes me feel very sad.” A student, a demonstrator, and then an FSA fighter Mustafa was a student when the revolution broke out. He participated in most of the peaceful demonstrations in the cities of Aleppo and Anadan. After the liberation of Anadan checkpoint, he decided …

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The Story of a Fighter.. Mahmoud Khalaf: “I joined the FSA to liberate my town from regime forces.”

محمود خلف

“Syria deserves the best, and we hope we achieve victory soon.” Joining the FSA After months of regime crackdown on peaceful revolutionaries in Aleppo, Mahmoud was convinced that carrying arms is the only way to defeat the regime, so he joined the FSA “to liberate his country form the gang occupying it,” according to him. Excelling at using arms Mahmoud …

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