2017/01/24 2:12 PM
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A civil defense member killed in Wadi Barada and FSA thwarts attacks by regime and Hezbollah

Assad forces and Hezbollah militia have continued attacks against towns and villages of Wadi Barada in Rural Damascus, as a part of the military assault on the area, including fierce artillery shelling and deadly airstrikes against residential locations. RFS correspondent in Rural Damascus, Yusuf al-Bustani, said that regime forces and Hezbollah militia are trying to advance on several frontlines in …

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Mohammad Alloush: We are ready for all options and aim to restore security in Syria, not for power-sharing

محمد علوش

Head of the Syrian opposition delegation to Astana talks, Mohammad Alloush, confirmed in his first speech in the conference, which started this morning, that the opposition delegation insists on the demands of Syrians in freedom, justice and indiscrimination, stressing that any political transition must start with removing Assad and its regime, and expelling all foreign militias affiliated with Iran from …

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Assad snipers target civilians in Al-Waar; shelling continues in Homs countryside

After several civilians were killed and injured from the violent military assault by regime forces against northern Homs countryside this week, regime forces carried on this assault against the area using rockets and shilka vehicles; regime also targeted civilians in the besieged Waar neighborhood. Two young men were targeted and injured on Thursday by the regime snipers, positioned in high …

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Assad forces fail to regain control of lost locations in Deir Ezzor; airstrikes continue against the city and its suburbs

Assad forces and their allying militias failed to seize back locations they lost in Deir Ezzor city, after they launched an attack yesterday accompanied with deadly airstrikes against areas of clashes. In details, Assad forces and allying militias carried out a violent attack to regain control of lost locations in Al-Maqaber area and the mountain overlooking Deir Ezzor city and …

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Forced displacement continues in Syria; 500 people forced to move from western Damascus countryside to northern Syria

A group of displaced people from western Damascus countryside arrived today to the Qalaat Al-Madeeq area in Hama countryside, as a part of the forced displacement policy followed by Assad against insurgents and civilians from their safe areas, especially in the suburbs of Damascus city. In detail, RFS correspondent in Hama countryside said that 130 fighters arrived along with their …

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Analysts and military leaders are talking about the role of the FSA in the transitional phase

الجيش السوري الحر

The fast-moving events continue in Syria amid political and diplomatic moves, negotiations, and international resolutions seeking to find a political solution in Syria. These developments comes amid the insistence and rejection of the opposition, both in its political and military sides, to any role for Assad in a transitional phase, in case the international parties approved on it through the …

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Russian airstrikes target Idlib, and demonstrations in support of Deir Ezzour

RFS correspondent, Karam Al-Idlibi, reported that Russian airstrikes targeted the cities and towns of Idlib countryside causing material damages. One of the airstrikes used phosphorous bombs but no casualties or injuries have been reported. Regarding the strife between Ahrar Al-Sham and Fateh Al-Sham Front, several fighters who probably belong to Fateh Al-Sham Front arrested Abu Bakr, one of Ahrar Al-Sham’s …

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SDF foils ISIL attacks on several villages while Sutoro forces lose three fighters in Al-Raqqa

ISIL attacked YPG locations in Al-Ayouj village in Al-Raqqa countryside, but SDF was able to foil the attack under IC air cover. Meanwhile, Ghadab Al-Furat factions announced foiling an ISIL attack against Suwediyah village after two days of clashes. They announced killing 48 ISIL fighters, destroying several car bombs, and seizing four armoured vehicles in addition to arms and RPG …

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