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Deir Ezzor

Assad forces fail to regain control of lost locations in Deir Ezzor; airstrikes continue against the city and its suburbs

Assad forces and their allying militias failed to seize back locations they lost in Deir Ezzor city, after they launched an attack yesterday accompanied with deadly airstrikes against areas of clashes. In details, Assad forces and allying militias carried out a violent attack to regain control of lost locations in Al-Maqaber area and the mountain overlooking Deir Ezzor city and …

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Regime launch arrest campaign in Deir Ezzor city!

Regime forces and allying militias have recently launched an arrest campaign in the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city, especially in the Al-Qusour and Al-Jorah neighborhoods. Arrested young men are used in forced labors such as establishing emplacements in frontlines against ISIL in the city. In parallel, activists confirmed that Assad militias arrested today tens of young men from the area …

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ISIL arrests 4 civilians from Deir Ezzor on different charges

ISIL’s Hesbah police arrested four citizens in Deir Ezzor city on different charges such as smoking, delay in attending prayers, and installing satellite devices, which are all banned by ISIL. In detail, Hesbah arrested yesterday two civilians in Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city for being late for the sunset prayer, to be imprisoned for three days and forced to …

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IC surprises ISIL with a landing operation in western Deir Ezzor countryside

التحالف الدولي

IC affiliated forces operated a military landing yesterday afternoon between Al-Kubbar and Al-Jazara towns in western Deir Ezzor countryside, which enabled those forces of killing and detaining several ISIL members. In detail, after the landing, IC forces blocked the way linking the Al-Kubbar and Al-Jazara towns with barriers, then raided the water station there and detained several ISIL members. IC …

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ISIL flies drones over the Bokmal; deaths and inures among ISIL members from IC bombardment


ISIL flew several drones over the southern neighborhoods of the Bokmal city; then, ISIL launched an investigation campaign in search of satellite internet devices which are banned in houses. ISIL usually uses those drones to video tape executions of its opponents, but now they are used to locate internet devices on the roofs of houses; ISIL is also using female …

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ISIL burns 4 young men in front of their families; a civilian kills a member of ISIL’s Hisbah police and runs away!

ISIL burned 4 young men to death in front of their parents and threw their bodies in the Euphrates river on charges of dealing with the Kurds, while a civilian killed a member from ISIL’s Hisbah police after the latter humiliated him in al-Miadeen city. In detail, the Euphrates post reported that ISIL arrested two young men from Al-Kashkashiya village …

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Aid dropped on Deir Ezzor; ISIL crucifies one of its members in Bokmal!

A WFP cargo plane dropped this morning, at 7:15, 28 foodstuffs cargoes over the regime-controlled neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor, besieged by ISIL, per the Euphrates Post. RFS correspondent referred that cargoes were carried by parachutes and were dropped on three stages; 8 were dropped first, then 8 others and finally 10. Our correspondent confirmed that ISIL released people detained 4 …

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A fight between ISIL police and civilians in Sbekhan town in eastern Deir Ezzor

حسبة داعش

Members of ISIL’s Hisbah police had a fight with a group of civilians in Sbekhan town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. The fight happened when Hisbah police members wanted to confiscate houses from civilians, who bought the houses from other civilians displaced out of the country, rejecting the contracts provided by those house owners. In the meantime, the Hisbah police …

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