2017/01/24 2:13 PM
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Assad snipers target civilians in Al-Waar; shelling continues in Homs countryside

After several civilians were killed and injured from the violent military assault by regime forces against northern Homs countryside this week, regime forces carried on this assault against the area using rockets and shilka vehicles; regime also targeted civilians in the besieged Waar neighborhood. Two young men were targeted and injured on Thursday by the regime snipers, positioned in high …

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FSA responds to regime’s violations in Homs countryside; a young man passes away in the besieged Al-Waar neighborhood

ريف حمص

Regime forces, stationed in the engineering Battalion in the Mashrafa area in northern Homs countryside, targeted the residential neighborhoods in the Qunaiterat, Saleem, and Al-Stehat areas with rocket-launchers and mortar rounds. After gross and several violations by regime, especially in the Wadi Barada area in Rural Damascus, FSA in northern Homs countryside implemented a military operation and controlled the Al-Ekedi …

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Extreme cold hits besieged Al-Waar in Homs; civilians suffer!

Extreme cold spells hit the besieged Al-Waar neighborhood populated with around 70 thousand people, mostly displaced women and children from old Homs neighborhoods. Cold hits amidst the tight siege imposed by Assad forces and local and foreign allying militias, that has led to severe lack of heating fuels or any other materials used to resist frost, adding to this the …

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Relative calmness in Al-Wa’er as shelling on Homs northern countryside continues


The besieged Al-Wa’er neighborhood, the last stronghold of the revolution in Homs city, is now in a state of relative calmness after 14 days of continuous regime shelling and sniping attacks using all sorts of weapons. The situation in the neighborhood was stabilized following an agreement between the negotiations committee in the neighborhood and the regime. Meanwhile, regime forces positioned …

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A message from Homs Legion to Syrians: “we promise we will continue protecting you and the revolution”

Homs Legion is one of the most important factions operating in Homs northern countryside, and it was formed two years ago. The Legion maintained its form and revolutionary activity regardless of the changing ideologies of many other military factions in Syria. The Legion gained the people’s trust in Homs northern countryside for playing a huge role in defending the area’s …

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A new Truce in Al Waar neighborhood and regime commits two massacres in northern Homs countryside!

A new truce became into effect in Al Waar neighborhood in Homs city, for six days starting from Tuesday morning Nov 29, after a meeting between the neighborhood’s negotiation team and a Russian officer commissioned by Assad regime to halt the savage bombardment against the neighborhood, while regime used the last hours before truce started to target the neighborhood with …

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The regime continues targeting Al-Wa’er neighborhood suspending Friday prayer in mosques


Mosques in Al-Wa’er neighborhood announced that the Friday prayers will not be held this week for fear of airstrikes, especially after the regime targeted a civilian house last night with a barrel bomb. Yesterday Thursday the regime targeted Al-Wa’er neighborhood with Shilka shelling, and targeted Al-Ghanto town in Homs countryside with heavy artillery killing one man and injuring several others. …

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Homs: Regime carry on assault against Al Waar; an aid convoy enters Al Rastan

A fierce military assault by Assad regime continued in Al Waar neighborhood in Homs city, killing and injuring more civilians, while intensified shelling targeted towns of northern Homs countryside simultaneous with entry of an aid convoy to Al Rastan city. Regime aircrafts carried out on Tuesday intensified deadly airstrikes against the besieged al-Waar neighborhood, where activists inside Al Waar documented …

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